Steam tracing is used to reduce the viscosity of process liquid flowing through a pipeline. This reduces the power required to pump heavy liquids and improves plant efficiency, particularly under cold environment conditions. Tracing lines are also used on control valves and instrument cases in cold conditions to prevent against freezing. Traps set to discharge condensate below saturation temperature, together with good lagging will keep product lines and instruments sufficiently hot.

Certain Velan steam trap models are built specifically for tracing applications. These traps are designed to maximize use of the heat in both the steam and the condensate. The standard Velan tracer trap will discharge condensate below saturated steam temperature, and use less steam for the job. When compared with traps which discharge condensate at saturation temperature, the Velan steam trap greatly reduces energy cost and lasts much longer. The Velan steam trap WILL NOT FREEZE OR FAIL IN THE CLOSED POSITION.

Recommended Velan Models

  • TS Series
  • TSF Series
  • Q Series
  • UST Series
  • VTD Series
  • VTDS Series
  • VTS Series
  • Tracing