Steam traps must be located at regular intervals along a steam main to keep the line clear of condensate. Failure to do this, not only causes water-logging and severe waterhammer, but reduces the efficiency of the heating process to which the steam is being supplied. For these reasons, it is vital that condensate be discharged close to saturation temperature to ensure effective condensate removal from the line. Velan steam traps for drip leg applications are available for all pressures. The water seal, maintained over the valve seat, eliminates steam loss and extends operating life. The rugged construction and Stellite6© valve trim allow Velan drip leg traps to operate reliably, over long periods, at high pressures, with varying climatic conditions.

Recommended Velan Models

  • TS Series
  • TSF Series
  • SF Series
  • SSF Series
  • N150-300
  • N675-1500
  • N2500-2600
  • N4000
  • Q Series
  • UST Series
  • MFT0
  • MFT1
  • MFT2
  • MFT3
  • MFT4
  • MFT5
  • MFTS
  • SPFA Series
  • SPFB Series
  • SP Series
  • HPTD Series
  • VTD Series
  • VTDS Series
  • VTS Series
  • Main Drain Drip Legs