This category covers the application of steam traps to the heating of many different types of process vessels such as heat exchangers, jacketed pans, stripper columns, re-boilers, drying rolls, etc. The emphasis in all these high load applications is optimum efficiency: maximum production output at minimum energy consumption. It is essential that the condensate is removed as it is formed, to avoid flooding of useful heating surfaces. Extremely high cold start up capacity, efficient air venting and optimized hot discharge capabilities of the Velan steam trap enhance its ability to handle any process application service. The standard MFT product and the special high capacity SPF/SP can meet any capacity required by process applications.

Recommended Velan Models

  • MFT0
  • MFT1
  • MFT2
  • MFT3
  • MFT4
  • MFT5
  • MFTS
  • SPFA Series
  • SPFB Series
  • SP Series
  • Process