Space heaters consist of small volume steam spaces having high heat transfer rates resulting from the use of finned surfaces and powerful fans. Therefore condensate at temperatures close to saturation temperature is rapidly formed. As constant air off temperatures are essential to create proper environmental control in the offices, warehouses or factories being heated, rapid discharge of condensate is essential. With changing climate, the condensate load from the heaters varies widely, as does the steam pressure to the heater through the temperature regulator. Effective steam traps must therefore have a wide capacity and pressure range with a rapid response characteristic. Good cold discharge capacity and air venting is also required to permit rapid efficient plant start up.

Recommended Velan Models

  • MFT0
  • MFT1
  • MFT2
  • MFT3
  • MFT4
  • MFT5
  • MFTS
  • SPFA Series
  • SPFB Series